Trek Preparation

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Physical, mental, and spiritual preparation is important for a meaningful Trek experience.

In our time — when so much of what we desire is so easily within our reach — it is tempting to turn aside or give up whenever the road ahead seems a little bumpy or the slope tends to rise steeply before us. In those moments, it might inspire us to reflect on those men, women, and children who did not allow sickness, hardship, pain, and even death to deter them from their chosen path. The pioneers learned that doing hard things deepened and strengthened body, mind, and spirit; magnified their understanding of their divine nature; and heightened their compassion for others. This habit firmed their souls and became a blessing to them long after their trek across the plains and mountains had ended.

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Physical Preparation

Prepare yourself physically so you can gain the most spiritually from your Trek experience. We will be doing a lot of walking on Trek and will encounter some physical challenges, both of which will require physical stamina. Such necessitates physical preparation through obeying the Word of Wisdom, eating wholesome foods, not overeating, eating a balanced diet and regular exercise. It is important for you to start now. Physical preparation can't be completed in a short period of time. The following are some general guidelines that you might consider.

  • Start walking in your Trek shoes or light hiking boots. They will need to be well broken in, as this will help eliminate blisters.
  • Begin by walking 20-30 minutes at a time, several days a week, gradually increasing the distance as you increase your endurance.
  • Consider walking uphill and downhill.
  • Establish healthy eating habits.
  • Participate in an organized sports program or individual conditioning program.

Mental Preparation

A great blessing of Trek is the opportunity to learn of our pioneer heritage. Please come to Trek with an understanding and appreciation of the pioneers who demonstrated faith, courage, and obedience, as well as sacrifice and perseverance. The following suggestions will aid in your mental preparation for Trek.

  • Look and find the first convert in your family that decided to join the church. See if you can read their conversion story.
  • Read Our Heritage
  • Read Fire of the Covenant, by Gerald Lund
  • Read other pioneer stories and accounts, especially those of the Martin & Willie Handcart companies. Many of these are found in “The Price We Paid” by Andrew Olsen.
  • Watch the movie “17 Miracles”
  • Read the scriptures each day- study and pray about what you read

Spiritual Preparation

Trek is like a mission, in that it requires spiritual preparation. When you are prepared spiritually, the Holy Ghost will teach and confirm gospel principles, and your faith and testimony will be strengthened. You will have opportunities to feel the Spirit, and thus increase your resolve to live the gospel. You will have an increased desire to repent and serve others. Please consider the following as you spiritually prepare for Trek.

  • Personal and family prayer each day.
  • Personal study of the scriptures each day.
  • Consistent attendance at church meetings, seminary, and mutual.
  • Recording your thoughts, feelings and impressions in your journal.
  • Temple and family history service.
  • Practice listening to the Spirit and following promptings given.
  • Read or listen to: Saints vol 1