Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trek?

Trek is a special Stake Youth Conference where participants experience a 3 day reenactment of early church history.

What is the purpose of Trek?

Trek will help us appreciate the faith, obedience, perseverance, and sacrifice of early of early Saints. We will learn from the past to gain strength and courage for the future

What will we do on Trek?

We will push handcarts and walk. We will sing, dance, camp, eat great food, and have lots of fun. We will exercise faith, sacrifice, and perseverance. We will feel the spirit and come closer to the Savior.

What is the theme of Trek?

Truth Restored - Gaining Hope - Building Faith

When is Trek?

July 22-24th, 2021

What pre-Trek and post-Trek events are being planned?

Please take a look at the Important Dates page for a list of important events.

Is there a cost to go on Trek?

No, all costs will be covered by the stake.

Who can go on Trek?

Trek is for all stake youth who will be 14 years old on or before December 31, 2021 up to all graduating Seniors.

Where is the location for Trek?

Trek will be held in the Dry Buck area on the Lazy R Ranch, northeast of Sweet, Idaho and west of Banks, Idaho

What are the requirements to go on Trek?

All who go on Trek must complete the registration form found on the Trek website. We invite you to read from the Doctrine and Covenants daily. Research the first convert in your family that decided to join the church. Find and read their conversion story. We also invite you to prepare physically, mentally and spiritually.

How much walking will we do?

We will push and pull handcarts about 8 miles a day for a total of 24 miles.

What do I wear on Trek?

You will wear pioneer clothing which can be purchased at thrift stores, online or hand-sewn. Please bring tennis shoes/light hiking boots that are well broken-in.

What do I take on Trek?

Please refer to the equipment and clothing pages, which outline your equipment and clothing requirements. Except for your sleeping bag, all of your personal articles must fit in a 5 gallon bucket which will be carried in your handcart. All personal equipment and clothing, packed in your 5 gallon bucket, will be loaded in trailers at the Trek check-in, Wednesday night, July 21th, 5:00-8:00 PM at the Stake Center.

Can I wear contacts?

The use of contacts is generally discouraged, due to possible windy or dusty conditions. However, please discuss this with your eye doctor, as many modern day contacts are made for outdoor recreational use. It is possible that in some cases, wearing contacts will actually enhance the Trek experience. If you choose to wear contacts with the consent of your parents and eye doctor, bring a back up pair of eye glasses.

How will we be transported to and from Trek?

All participants, including Mas and Pas, will travel to and from the Trek location in buses. Some committee members and support staff will travel in their personal vehicles.

Can I bring personal electric devices or a camera on Trek?

No personal electronic devices, such as cell phones, ipod/MP3 players, gaming devices, or cameras are allowed on Trek. There will be a team of photographers taking pictures that will be posted on the Trek website and there will be a post-Trek slideshow a few weeks after the Trek.

How will we be organized - for pulling handcarts and for camping?

Each youth will be assigned to a family of 8- 10, consisting of youth from throughout the stake, with an adult Ma and Pa. As a "family", you will have a handcart which you will use to transport your buckets. You will camp in tents. Four or five families will be organized into a company, which will function under the direction of Company Captains (bishops from the stake).

What if I get blisters or need some form of medical assistance?

A team of doctors and nurses will be present on Trek to attend to any medical situations which may arise.