Manage Your Food Storage Inventory
Track your food supply using our inventory manager with features that tell you how much food you have stored, and when it expires. Easily locate your food storage in your home.

Setup And Maintain Your Food Storage Goal
Easily set up a food supply goal for your family. Recommended amounts in weight or volume for each food group are provided based on your specific goal. Options to customize quantities in each group according to your family's preferences. Options to add or change food groups according to your family’s nutritional requirements.

Quick Inventory Update     Premium Members Only
a handy tool to update or remove all quantites you have used from your inventory all at once and in just minutes.

Analyze Your Food Storage     Premium Members Only
A food storage analyzer featuring side by side comparisons of your goals and your actual inventory using charts and graphs.

Rotation Helper     Premium Members Only
Easily find items that will soon expire years, months or days in advance.

Alerts And Notifications     Premium Members Only
Notifications sent directly to your inbox that alert you of expiring foods. Receive periodic reminders to adjust your goals as your family members grow and their needs change. Select or create your own custom alerts to help you remember to update specific items in your 72-hour kit.

Shopping Coupons     Premium Members Only
You’ll receive shopping Coupons from our online store with discounts and periodic savings offers which are exclusive only to premium members.

Printable Reports
Print reports in PDF format..

My Recipe Box
Store and view all your favorite recipes in one convienient place.

Community / Forum
Share Ideas! Ask Questions!.